Who are we?


CSRambassadors.com. is a one-of-a-kind approach, unique, pragmatic and a radically different way to deliver Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives in organisations.

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About CSR


Corporate Social Responsibility means, first and foremost a particular sensibility that comes prior to the concept of organisations and regards people and individuals.

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Beyond CSR


Beyond the traditional ethical and legal practices of CSR and likewise for brand image and sustainability you can find us – CSRambassadors – with a consolidated background of innovation that we are ready to share with like-minded people who believe that Corporate Social Responsibility is more about innovation and not only about “doing the right thing”.

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Our people


Behind CSRambassadors there is an international team of passionate professionals that want to go beyond tradition, aiming for innovation in order to create and pass on long lasting values for each person involved in the CSR initiatives. The people that are part of the international team are present and operate all over the world and CSRambassadors is in a continuous search for new talents that share our vision and want to bring our CSR initiatives to companies worldwide.

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Companies involved


There are many different ways of getting involved with CSRambassadors and the number of companies that have already been involved is continuously growing.

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The benefits


The benefits of our CSR initiatives are not only numerous but of the kind that make a difference and create general wellbeing within the company and for all people involved.

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