gfaGiordano Fatali

President & Founder CSR Ambassadors

Email: giordano.fatali@csrambassadors.com

Phone: +39 3351437644

Inspired by the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility Giordano founded CSR Ambassadors. He is a seasoned HR Director and draws upon 20 years of Human Resources experience and consultancy in major international firms such as Mercuri Urval, Arthur Andersen Mba and Coopers and Lybrand. In addition to founding CSR Ambassadors, Giordano is the President of HRCommunity Academy, a Network of Human Resource Directors with over 500 of the largest and most prestigious national and multinational companies.

Giordano, author of four management books is closely linked to the world of work, the labour market and future working generations. He is a regular face on TV, presents, and participates in a wide range of HR and Labour Market related programmes. He is currently working on a weekly feature for Sky TG24 and has participated as a labour market expert giving advice and insights to job seekers and companies. He has appeared on the front cover of Economy and Panorama on four occasions, whilst the thriving HRCommunity he is president of has featured on five front covers and published six special inserts.

Giordano exemplifies CSR Ambassadors’ commitment to helping businesses and HR practitioners achieve their CSR goals as he has an inherent passion for creating outstanding initiatives that bring about cutting-edge projects and solutions for small and large enterprises worldwide.

Rosey CampanaroRosey Campanaro

International Projects

Email: rosey.campanaro@csrambassadors.com

Phone: + 39 3495868040

Rosey Campanaro joined CSR Ambassadors bringing her extensive knowledge and know-how to the team, supporting them in the areas of development, planning and organisation. After completing a BA Hons. in Modern Languages and History, Rosey started her career as a Team Leader in one of the world’s leading leisure travel groups, managing an international team in a complex and demanding environment. After various periods spent abroad teaching, she moved to Italy and began working in a company looking to develop at an international level. Rosey speaks English, French and Italian fluently and her excellent communication skills and positive “can do” attitude are key to creating a positive impact in all areas of business.

Rosey enjoys travelling and has a passion for developing creative learning materials for young learners.

Anna Grind

Anna Grind

Project Coordinator

Email: anna.grind@csrambassadors.com

Phone: +39 3450513242

Anna Grind is a highly organised, dynamic project coordinator with a proven track record in developing international projects. She has an in-depth understanding of all aspects of project coordination and implementation. Her flexibility and her exceptional interpersonal and motivational skills means she is able to adapt quickly to change and lead her team to success. Anna speaks three languages fluently and holds a degree as professional dancer from Balettakademien Stockholm, Sweden.