Acting as a mentor is an experience that is both personally and professionally rewarding.

This is an opportunity for an HR professional to spend the day mentoring the future leader’s of tomorrow and sharing their wealth of experience.

The HR mentor profiles themselves, their organisation and is recognised for their expertise in front of a network of other liked minded HR professionals.

Our most popular concept is the Talent Day, which is an opportunity for companies to increase engagement with their employees via a sustainability driven initiative.  We offer our clients career guidance workshops tailor made for the children of their employees, which increases employee engagement, productivity and profitability in their businesses.   Through our extensive worldwide network, we bring in 10-15 HR mentors and senior level executives  from a variety of leading multinationals who spend the day acting as “mentors for the day,” in a highly interactive and informative day long session.  In essence – it’s Human Resources, but  in a social responsible way.

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There are three ways to participate in a Talent Day:

The first and the best way, is to host a Talent Day via CSR Ambassadors.  Together we can work to build the program that suits the needs of your employees children and profile your organisation as one that is CSR driven and sustainability minded.

The second is to offer a physical location for a Talent Day and profile your place of business. At no cost to your organization, CSR Ambassadors will organize a Talent Day in your office and invite participants and HR mentors from other organisations.  You also have the option to purchase tickets to an upcoming talent day that has been sponsored by another organization in your geographic region.

The third is to be a mentor. Offer your time, as a subject matter expert in the field of human resources, while acting as a mentor for a day. Your willingness to help shape the future leaders of tomorrow can be a life altering experience for both the mentor as well as the participatnt.

Whether it be via: hosting a Talent, offering a physical location or purchasing tickets to an offsite location, acting as a mentor, we would love to hear from you, to see in which way you’d like to get involved.   We look forward to hearing from you!!

Peter Burman


Elisabetta Caldera

Human Resources and Organization Director VODAFONE

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